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Ref: Profile #4123 Case #745




Species: saltwater crocodile, aberrant
Status: alive

Born in 1952 AA beside the Glass Lake, north of Tyr-Opall, Zyra is the eldest of a clutch of crocodile eggs, of southern origins. His magical abilities, a resonating hum within his bones, is believed to have surfaced when he turned eight. His mother Zyri, a mage herself, attempted to guide him in controlling his magic, but with limited success. Zyra's powers often wrought destruction, leaving objects and critters devastated. Meanwhile, his brother Azlea also exhibited similar traits, distinctively leaning towards healing and plant manipulation with a natural ease with his abilities. Tragically, soon after Azlea's powers emerged, their mother disappeared, leaving them under the sole care of their father.

As the brothers matured, their powers intensified and became more erratic, culminating in the accidental death of their father. This event traumatized Zyra so deeply that he blocked the memory, convincing himself and Azlea that their father had passed away suddenly. Azlea became Zyra's lifeline, preventing him from succumbing to madness. Their bond grew stronger, with Azlea's presence anchoring Zyra's sanity.

Over the years, they led a peaceful life by the lake, sustaining themselves with scavenged food and managing their fish farm, while keeping minimal contact with outsiders. Their isolation, known yet benign to neighboring regions, forged an unbreakable bond between them. With only Azlea remaining as family, Zyra became intensely protective, constantly vigilant to ensure his brother's safety.

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