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Ref: Profile #4400 Case #721




Species: spotted hyena, aberrant
Status: alive

Vincenn's origin traces back to the heart of New Rushaya. His earliest memories unfolded within the solemn confines of a Cirice, a haven for orphans and forsaken children. He was whispered a tale that he was the illegitimate offspring of nobility, a mysterious lineage shrouded in ambiguity. To Vincenn's discerning mind, this tale was dismissable as merely invention. 


Within the austere precincts of his Cirice, Vincenn enjoyed a modest upbringing, his daily sustenance assured. But the institution's rigid regulations smothered his spirit. Naturally, his restless soul felt the gravity of the world beyond, and as he matured, he relished the unfettered liberty the city offered.

From an early age, Vincenn idolised parading soldiers, perceiving them as valiant champions who brought honour from distant lands. Yet, the circumstances of his birth had determined military service to be an elusive dream—an honour reserved solely for those of esteemed lineage. Frustration fueled a burgeoning fire of violence, leading him to join gangs as a teenager. He even ascended briefly to leadership, a position that revealed his latent talents. When it came to an attempt at smuggling, however, it proved too mundane and beneath his aspirations.

In his retirement from the underworld, he grappled with a sense of aimlessness until the eruption of war. The League's invasion of Karanor boasted one of the largest military assemblies in its history, and this saw every realm clamouring for soldiers, regardless of heritage. Armed with standard gear and marching orders, Vincenn embarked on a journey to the frontier, where he felt his proudest moment.

During the journey northward, he forged bonds that would grow into steadfast comradeships. Upon reaching Karanor after an exhausting two month trek, the foremost fortresses had already crumbled. However, Vincenn bore witness to the ascension of Lieren Astrasa to the esteemed rank of Saber-General. With newfound authority, she meticulously curated her own legion, shedding excess baggage and embracing competence. While not an immediate member of her legion, Vincenn recognized an opportunity to prove himself during a minor skirmish. Triumph in battle swiftly earned him a coveted place in the Twelfth Legion.


Within a year, he rose to the rank of Beta-Lieutenant under the wing of a superior officer, who then lost his life during the pivotal Battle of Orcrim's Valley. In the wake of this decisive engagement, Vincenn assumed the mantle of Alpha-Lieutenant, leading his own squad.

With each victory, his pride swelled, and his loyalty to Lieren deepened. He unwaveringly rejected offers of further promotion, resolute in his desire to honour those he deemed more deserving and trustworthy.

Vincenn went on to be an esteemed veteran within the Legion, his influence reaching the upper echelons of command, while his enduring friendships flourished in the high quarters of power.

Vincenn has acquired a charming seaside cottage in the city of Marser, located in Jastro. He has extended invitations to two of his previous sexual partners, Tarka and Saren; together, they have brought four of their hybrid children to share an unconventional family arrangement. Vincenn has since fathered two more children with the felines, as he cherishes a domestic haven until the call of duty beckons him back to the Legion.

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