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Ragna A. Ruthven

Ref: Profile #4412 Case #745




Species: white tiger, aberrant
Status: alive

Born in 1945 AA as the fourth child of Lord Usroth of House Ruthevena, descends from an aristocratic lineage within the Kingdom of Fellya. Her family has long served the Anhaltan House, the reigning monarchs of Fellya, through the Knightly Order of Sheregar. This prestigious background afforded Ragna the opportunity to attend the Lion's Academy, the preeminent martial university in the League of Jaws. Here, she was groomed to join the ranks of feline knighthood, alongside her four brothers and two sisters, continuing the esteemed tradition of her family.

Ragna's tenure at the Lion's Academy was marked by two distinct characteristics: her exemplary martial prowess and academic excellence, alongside a noticeable uptick in the frequency of pranks targeting both students and faculty. Fearless and unyielding, Ragna excelled in athletic endeavors, securing positions on numerous top-tier teams, culminating in her accolade in 1962 AA where she was granted a barghest, whom she named Fafnir.  

She soon entered jousting, where her prowess in mounted combat became particularly noteworthy, often earning her top placements. Her instructors observed her tendency to exploit loopholes and employ unconventional strategies, reflecting an independent streak that occasionally led to trouble. Notably, during a significant joust during a royal visit from the king, Ragna captured the attention of Aragarin, the heir of the Fellyan throne, by triumphing despite having three broken ribs—a feat considered impressive. Popular yet not confined to any specific clique, she navigated the academy's complex social and political landscape on her own terms. Over time, Ragna and Aragarin grew closer, much to the chagrin of the other knights, and were frequently seen sparring and training together, eventually becoming lovers.

Despite her imposing stature as a tigress, her exceptional stealth and distinctive white fur earned her the nickname ‘Ghost.’

After graduating, Ragna accepted Aragar's proposal to become one of his concubines. However, her subsequent pregnancy, occurring before that of his intended marriage, sparked a major scandal in Sheregar. Facing potential execution, cooler heads prevailed, and it was decided that Ragna would undertake a seven-year penance before being allowed to return. With a heavy heart, she embarked on a Knight’s March. 

Ragna spent the first four years traversing the League, aiding those in need with various duties provided by her order and never lingering long in one place. She encountered a volatile situation between pro-independence partisans and League forces in Nahrstrom, which she resolved before continuing her journey. She visited key cities in the Circle, including Terregor and Ghabarahata, where she investigated her family's noble origins dating back to Wordermund's era. Her travels also took her to Vornstrom, where she engaged in a near-escalating honor duel. Throughout her journey, she secretly met with Aragar, bearing him two more cubs.


Her travels led her to Eirden, where she utilized her father's contacts to solve problems for local officials.

Ragna’s Route: Leaving Unguisca, Ragna’s journey included Cadavir, Wriklin, New Rushaya (where she stayed a month), Ursuk, Euruscar (two weeks), Arnbren, Urden, Skorovil, Zerazon, Reynor (a month), Tritusor, Emerstangorod, Alsphargorod (three weeks), and then through Vuori’s Pass to Capristrom and Orgun. In Nahrstrom, she stayed a month before entering the Anvil peninsula, proceeding to Ctesiphon, Tormurghast, Terregor (three weeks, mostly in the library), Ghabarahata (a month), Vornstrom, Lagadha, Renaica, back through Ctesiphon (two weeks), Sithis (two weeks), and finally to Eirden.

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