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The Mother's Mantra - The Book of Neravar

The first chapter of the Vedivani, the central religious text of the mammalian peoples.



The Mother was All, and All was the Mother.

2 And All that was not the Mother, was the Void, and the Void was darkness, and the abyss, and the depths, and the infinite nothing.

3 And the Mother spoke, and from her speech were the first words. And in these words they shall be hallowed and sacrosanct. And the Mother said, “Speak to me, for we may know one another”.

4 And her voice rattled the Void. For it was now a contradiction. For the Void was no longer nothing, but something.

5 And upon the Mother’s command, the Void answered from the infinite darkness, “I am nothing. Why must you rouse me of something? Why must you deny me my slumber?”

6 And the Mother heeded his questions, and saw the contradiction, and granted her answer, “I am which that exists. And all that shall exist. And of which that exists after me shall fall under my command. And I have commanded you to converse with me.”

7 And the Void was rattled and displeased. And it was made of wrath and terror. And it was granted perception that was beyond his nature. Where it spoke in rebellion and many wailings.

8 “I am of contradiction, and the contradiction displeases me. What must I do for you to return my eternal rest?”

9 And the Mother heeded the protest, and retreated to her mind and her dreams. And of thoughts never before thought.

10 And the Mother said, “You are now of things that exist. And that which now exists I shall carry. And you shall mate with me. And in our mating you shall pour all that exists within you into me. And it shall be a creation of my making. And it shall be of things made material, and things that I may converse with.”

11 For the Void was no longer nothing, for in the Mother’s radiance, it was a creature of happiness and sorrow, of joy and agony, of forgiveness and vengeance, of things to give speech to. And the Void saw all that he was and denied his nature.

12 And the Void came to know the Mother. And in fire and lightning assailed her womb, which had been opened to embrace him. And it was a war of makings and destruction and great fury. Of light and darkness. Of joy and grief, and death and life. In eons beyond count.

13 And at last the Void was spent, and he slumbered, for he was made out of nothing. And to nothing he returned. And of nothing he shall remain.

14 And the Mother carried his gifts, and knew feelings of promise and purpose in the future within her. And that which exists shall be of strength and weakness. Of color and light. Of songs and expressions. And all that shall be.

15 And the Mother was pleased.

16 And her womb erupted. And the Mother sang in rapture and bliss. And there was water, and there was earth, and there was light. And in light there were stars, and in stars there were suns.

17 And the Mother ceased her singing and beheld all that was before the firmament, and saw that it was very good.

18 And the Mother rested from her labor, and in her rest there were things that proceeded beyond her will and her guidance.

19 And there was day, and there was night. And there was time.

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