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Fables of Raffi and Rena

The Wolf and the Animals

A Wolf had made himself a great hero among the kingdoms of the beasts, and he was hailed and praised wherever he went. The great lion king convened a council of animals upon an outcrop that overlooked the lands that the Wolf had saved, and they debated upon the gifts each race would bestow upon him.

“I would accede to him my power were it not that the noble hero rejected it,” said the lion king. “Who among you can best my offer?”

And so the animals wrestled and competed for the boon of the great hero, so that they might elevate their own stations.

“I would grant him spiritual guidance,” said the stag, the high priest of the king.

“I shall reward him with riches and wealth,” said the pig, presenting his chests of gold and treasures.

“I shall give him food and plenty,” said the cougar, offering the great feast they have collected.

“I shall bestow unto him a son, to propagate his great lineage and legacy,” said the wolfess, the purest of her people’s bloodline.

“I shall bequeath him with love and companionship,” said the vixen, the most beautiful of all the animals.

From among the throng stepped forth a rabbit named Raffi, who merely stated: “I would ask him a question: ‘What is your desire?’” This enraged the lion king, who had already appealed to the wolf’s wants, and the king said that the hero’s wish was only for peace and harmony among all animals - a request he thought to be too simple.

And so Raffi departed from the assembly, having learned that no animal of noble heart could accept a gift from those of arrogance and selfishness.


The Rabbit and the Stone

One sunny day, Raffi happened upon a lost turtle who was struggling to find his way back to his pond. Raffi, being the helpful rabbit that he was, offered to guide the turtle home. The turtle gratefully followed Raffi's lead.

As they journeyed together, they came to a steep hillside that Raffi easily bounded up. The turtle, on the other hand, could not make it up the hill and asked Raffi for help. The rabbit had an idea: he suggested that the turtle hang onto his back while he carried him up the hill. The turtle agreed, and they continued their trek.

However, as they crested the hill, Raffi began to feel the weight of the turtle, and his legs started to tremble. He soon realized that the turtle had taken advantage of his kindness and had no intention of unburdening the rabbit.

The clever rabbit quickly hatched a plan. Knowing that the turtle could not see ahead of him, he suggested to the turtle that they play a game of 'guess the weight.'

Raffi then picked up a big stone, and with a straining voice, told the turtle that if he could guess its weight, he would let him stay on his back. The turtle agreed, and he guessed the stone’s weight to be very heavy.

Then, to the turtle’s utter shock, the rabbit easily threw the large stone. He revealed that it was actually pumice: a very light rock.

The turtle learned a valuable lesson that day: that it's not wise to take advantage of others' kindness. And Raffi, the clever rabbit, continued to survive in the kingdoms of the beasts, one step ahead of the animals.


The Rabbit and the Fox

While Raffi was traveling east of the kingdoms of the beasts, he met a sly and cunning vixen by the name of Rena, who he recognized from the assembly of the lion king. Unfortunately, the alluring vixen is always looking for ways to trick the other animals and take advantage of them.

One day, Rena saw Raffi hopping through the forest with delicious-looking eggs in his basket. Rena, with hunger in her eyes, decided to follow Raffi for an opportunity to steal the eggs.

As they approached a shaky and narrow rope bridge over a rushing river, Rena saw her chance. She ran up to Raffi and said: "Hey Raffi! You're going to fall off that bridge with those eggs in your basket. Let me hold onto it for you until you get safely to the other side."

Raffi, the trusting and kindly rabbit, passed the basket to Rena, who promptly ran off with her ill-gotten eggs, leaving Raffi with nothing.

But Raffi was not one to be outsmarted by Rena. The next day, he spotted Rena walking through the forest with a salmon in her paws. Raffi knew that salmon was a delicacy for foxes and decided to teach Rena a lesson.

He approached Rena and said: "Hey Rena! That salmon looks heavy. Let me carry it for you." Rena, thinking Raffi had no reason to eat the salmon, handed the fish to Raffi.

But Raffi had a plan. As they walked along, Raffi started to juggle the salmon, tossing it up in the air and catching it skillfully. Rena, being a fox, couldn't resist chasing after the salmon, and as she did so, she knocked the fish out of Raffi's paws, casting the fish back into the river.

Rena learned that day that it's foolish to try and trick others for personal gain, and Raffi, the clever rabbit, once again outsmarted his predator.


The Rabbit and the Cows

Furious for having been bested, Rena challenged Raffi to a race, with the winner claiming a basket of freshly picked berries, a food both animals can enjoy.

Raffi was never one to deny a call to challenge, so he accepted. The race was set to take place the next day, and they chose a mighty oak tree across the forest as their goal. The next morning, Raffi and Rena stood at the starting line, ready to begin the race. Rena, being the crafty fox that she was, took off running as fast as she could, leaving Raffi far behind. But Raffi had a plan.

Instead of trying to outrun Rena, he took a shortcut through a field, where he knew a group of cows were foraging. He quickly asked the cows if they would help him win the race by pretending to be afraid of him. The cows agreed, and when Rena caught up with Raffi, she saw the cows running away in fear from Raffi, as though he were a fierce predator.

Rena was taken aback by the cows' reaction and started to panic. She had never seen a rabbit scare cows before and thought that Raffi might be more dangerous than she had thought. With her heart racing, Rena started to slow down, allowing Raffi to overtake her and cross the finish line first.

As Raffi celebrated his victory, Rena came up to him, panting heavily. "Congratulations on your win," she said, "but how did you do it? How did you scare those cows?"

Raffi smiled and explained his clever plan to Rena. Rena was impressed and couldn't help but admire Raffi's quick thinking and cunning. And with Raffi’s kindness, openly shared the berries with Rena, and together they dined on the fruits.

From that day on, Rena and Raffi became good friends, often teaming up to outsmart other animals in the kingdoms of the beasts.


The Rabbit and the Farmer

Raffi was out gathering food one day, and he came across a beautiful garden full of delicious vegetables. He couldn't resist the temptation and started to feast on the tasty treats.

But before long, the owner of the garden, an older farmer rabbit called Grump, caught Raffi in the act. The farmer rabbit was furious and demanded that Raffi pay for the damage he had caused to his garden.

Raffi knew that he didn't have any money to pay the farmer, but he was determined to make things right. He asked Grump if there was anything he could do to repay him for the damage.

Grump thought for a moment, then said: "I have a field of carrots that needs to be harvested, but I am too old to do it myself. If you can harvest the carrots for me, I will forgive you for the damage to my garden."

Raffi agreed to Grump's proposal and worked tirelessly to harvest the carrots. He worked day and night, using all his strength to gather as many carrots as he could.

When he was finished, Raffi presented the carrots to Grump. The farmer was amazed at the quantity and quality of the carrots and was grateful for Raffi's hard work.

On that day a friendship was forged between the rabbits, with the farmer even allowing Raffi and his family to visit his garden from time to time to enjoy the vegetables.

And so, the lesson that Raffi learned was that hard work and determination can lead to forgiveness and friendship.


The Rabbit and the Cake

Raffi the Rabbit was known for his quick wit and sharp mind. One cloudy day, he came across a group of animals who were arguing over a cake that had been left unattended in the middle of the clearing.

The animals each claimed that they deserved the cake more than anyone else. The squirrel said that he had found the cake first, while the bird argued that she had flown over the cake and had seen it first. The deer claimed that he was the most deserving of the cake because he was the largest animal in the clearing.

The cunning Raffi declared; “I have heard from Grump that the pigs have been griping about the recent thefts of their foodstocks, and have chosen to set a trap to catch the ringleaders! The cake is poisoned!”

This terrified the crowd, and they all backed away from the cake. Raffi, however, had a plan. He told the animals that he had found the antidote to the poison and that he would test it by eating it first.

The animals, desperate for a taste of the appetizing cake, agreed to Raffi's proposal. Raffi then distributed small portions of the cake to each animal, carefully moderating their amounts. And, after they saw that Raffi was still fine after eating his piece, the other animals began to enjoy their own, and they were all grateful to Raffi for saving them from the deadly poison.

However, as it turned out, Raffi had tricked the animals. There was no poison in the cake, nor was there an antidote. Raffi had made up the entire story so that everyone could equally share the cake, and he revealed that it was so.

The animals, though angry at first, eventually realized that Raffi's trickery had taught them an important lesson. They had been so focused on their own desires that they had lost sight of the importance of sharing and cooperation.


The Vixen’s Curse

Raffi and Rena had been friends for a very long time. One day, Raffi found a shiny gold coin on the path, and he was so excited about his new treasure that he couldn't resist showing it off to Rena. As he expected, Rena was intrigued and asked Raffi where he had found it.

Raffi, feeling proud of himself, told Rena that he had found it in a nearby clearing. But little did he know that Rena had planted the coin there herself, hoping to trick him.

Rena saw an opportunity to outsmart Raffi, so she came up with a scheme. “This is Witch’s Gold,” she proclaimed, “they leave them around the woods to curse those that would trespass upon their lands, and that all who would touch it shall be turned into a tree!”

Although Raffi was not spooked, he believed Rena's story and rejected the coin. Rena suggested that the only way to break the curse was to find a rare herb that only grew deep in the forest. Raffi, eager to be rid of the curse, agreed to go on the journey to find the herb.

The expedition was long and treacherous, and Rena made sure to lead Raffi on a wild goose chase. Along the way, they encountered a wealthy merchant and Rena used the coin to buy things of her preference, like clothing and trinkets. To make sure Raffi was not suspicious, she even went as far as to plant false herbs along the way to keep Raffi distracted.

Finally, after days of searching, they came across the real herb. Rena, quick on her hindpaws, snatched up the herb from Raffi, revealing her deception by flaunting the new dress she had purchased while laughing at how easily she had fooled him.

Not wanting to feel outdone, Raffi responded that he liked her new dress, and that he was glad that she had bought one that made her look beautiful. Although Rena may have won this round, Raffi wondered to himself as to why he had so easily trusted her.


The Rabbit and the Raft

Upon Raffi and Rena’s travels, a fire broke out in a village, endangering all the animals within.

Trapped in by a river, the animals panicked, not knowing what to do nor how to escape the flames. Rena suggested that they run towards the river, but Raffi had a different idea.

He knew that the only way to escape the fire was to make it across the river as quickly as possible. So, he suggested that they build a raft to help the other animals cross safely.

Rena was skeptical at first, but she trusted in Raffi's quick thinking. They gathered logs and branches from the nearby forest, and worked tirelessly to build the raft. The other animals watched in amazement as Rena and Raffi worked together, their skills complementing each other in an entertaining display.

Once the raft was finished, Rena and Raffi helped the other animals board it, guiding them safely over the water. They worked ceaselessly throughout the night, ferrying the animals across until everyone was safe on the other side.

But just as they returned to ferry the last group of animals, the raft broke, and there was no more time to repair it as the flames began to approach the river bank. Rena and Raffi knew they had to act fast to save themselves. Raffi had an idea.

They quickly pushed the raft behind them, creating a barrier between them and the flames.

The inferno raged on, but Rena and Raffi were safe behind their makeshift barrier. As the fire subsided, all the animals gathered around Rena and Raffi, thanking them for their quick thinking and bravery.

From that day forward, Rena and Raffi were known as the heroes of the forest. They had worked together to save the lives of many, and their quick thinking and cleverness had paid off in the face of danger.


The Vixen’s Apple Tree

Raffi and Rena were walking through the forest when they came across a beautiful tree bearing ripe, juicy apples upon its branches.

Rena suggested that they have a contest to see who could climb the tree and pick the most apples. Raffi, always up for a challenge, eagerly agreed.

The contest began, and Raffi quickly climbed the tree and began picking apples with ease. Rena, on the other hand, struggled to climb the tree and could only manage to pick a few.

Seeing that she was losing the contest, the vixen plotted. She posed to Raffi another contest: this time to see who could eat the most apples in one sitting.

Raffi was confident in his ability to eat quickly so he accepted the challenge readily. The two sat down to eat the fruit, and Raffi began gobbling them up one by one.

Rena, however, had a trick up her sleeve. She had secretly swallowed a small stone before the contest, which made her feel full quickly.

When Raffi looked up from his pile of apple cores, he saw that Raffi had eaten barely any, and declared himself the winner. But as they walked away from the tree, Raffi began to feel sickened from gorging himself on too many apples.

Rena, who was feeling just fine, told him of her trick. Raffi, embarrassed and ashamed, offered to share the remaining apples with her.

From that day on, Raffi learned that sometimes, it's not about winning, but about being honest and fair. And Rena learned that at times, the most unexpected ploy can lead to victory.


The Vixen’s Riddle

Rena challenged Raffi to a game of three riddles, and should he win, he would claim a basket of her freshly picked berries. Raffi, never one to back down, accepted Rena's challenge.

Beside a beautiful stream, Rena began with an easy riddle: “What has a round head and a round tail but no body?” Raffi then correctly answered “A coin.”

She then asked a more difficult one: “I am always hungry, I must always be fed, but if you give me water, I soon shall be dead. What am I?” And Raffi was stumped for a beat, but he was determined to not give up. After some thought, he replied “A fire.”

Rena then asked the last riddle: “I’m a feeling that can't be touched, yet I am stronger than the mightiest crutch; I can make you smile, I can make you cry; I'm always around, though sometimes I lie. What am I?” Raffi was stumped and though he thought and thought, he couldn't come up with the answer.

Rena smiled, knowing that victory was within her grasp. She leaned in and whispered to Raffi: "If you give up now, I'll give you half of the berries in the basket."

Raffi, tempted by the offer, almost gave up. But, just as he was about to concede to her his defeat, he remembered something: Rena was a trickster, he couldn't trust that she truly intended to share the berries.

And so Raffi decided to take a risk instead. He answered the riddle with a completely nonsensical answer, hoping to catch Rena off guard. To his surprise, Rena smiled and said: "Correct!" Raffi was shocked - he had expected her to see through his bluff.

As Rena handed the basket over to Raffi, he realized that he had been outsmarted. Rena had played him with kindness he did not know that she possessed.

Raffi learned that sometimes, the most dangerous opponent is the one you least expect. Rena had proven herself to be just as cunning and quick-witted as he, and Raffi knew that he would have to be more careful in the future.


The Rabbit and the Nine-Tailed

One day, a villager had reported sighting a mysterious Nine-Tailed Fox, a prized woodland creature that was said to be a messenger of blessing.

Upon hearing this story, Raffi realized that the fox they saw was simply Rena foraging for berries in the woods, and suggested to her that they collaborate and use their respective skills to fool the others. Rena, the mischievous vixen, was intrigued by the idea, and agreed to work with Raffi.

Finally, they came up with a plan to trick the other animals into thinking that they had seen the Nine-Tailed Fox in the forest; they spent days building tails to attach to Rena’s back. They decided that Raffi would be the one to spread the word and Rena would use her stealthy nature to hide and remain unseen.

Raffi set out early one morning and circulated his false news about the Nine-Tailed Fox sighting. The other animals were doubtful, but Raffi's description of the magical creature was so convincing that they began to believe him.

As the day turned to night, the animals began the search for the Nine-Tailed Fox, but they could not find any trace of it. Rena, who was watching from the shadows, decided that it was time for her to play her part.

She disguised herself as the Nine-Tailed Fox and with the glowing light of the full moon made her way to the clearing where the animals were gathered. Astounded by her beauty, the animals were astounded at the sight of the creature and congratulated Raffi for his discovery.

Rena played along, pretending to be the magical being, and allowed the animals to take turns petting her and petitioning the vixen for blessings. But just as the animals were getting comfortable around the Nine-Tailed Fox, Rena revealed her true identity and ran off into the forest.

Raffi, who was watching from a distance, explained, “My good friends of the beastfolk, you have been deceived by your own predilections, I fear. I hope that this lesson shall remind you of the dangers of holding too closely to the unfounded.”

But, the animals were shocked and angry, and berated Raffi and Rena for toying with them and disrespecting their idol. The pair tried to explain themselves, but the animals refused to listen and demanded that Rena and Raffi be banished from the village.

Rena and Raffi learned that some people can be too stuck in their ideals, and that can blind them, even to the truth.


The Rabbit and the Vixen

Raffi had always been known for his quick wit and cunning, but he had never been one to pay much attention to matters of the heart. That was, until he met Rena.

Rena was clever and beautiful, and Raffi found himself drawn to her more and more with each of their adventures. He enjoyed spending time with her, and he caught himself thinking about her day by day.

Raffi realized that he was falling deeply in love with Rena. But he was too shy to confess his feelings to her directly, and he knew that he had to come up with a clever stratagem to express his feelings.

One day, while wandering through a field of flowers, Raffi came up with an idea. He plucked the petals off a daisy and wrote a single letter on each petal. He carefully arranged the petals to form a message.

But Raffi knew that he couldn't just leave the message for Rena to find. There were many animals in the forest who looked down upon the idea of a rabbit and a fox being in love, and Raffi feared that his message might be intercepted or destroyed.

So he came up with a plan to hide the message in plain sight. He convinced a group of animals that had previously looked down upon him and Rena's friendship to help him in his plan. Raffi explained to them that he had discovered a powerful magic potion that could protect them from all harm. He claimed that he had hidden the potion in a secret location and that whoever could find it would be granted eternal protection.

The animals, eager to obtain the potion, agreed to help Raffi by spreading the daisy petals throughout the forest, without realizing the true nature of the message. Rena, who was initially confused by the sudden abundance of daisy petals in the forest, eventually stumbled upon the secret message and was deeply touched by Raffi's confession of love.

Rena's heart was filled with happiness, and she realized her own love for Raffi. She ran to find Raffi and embraced him, confessing her love for him as well. The two of them shared a tender moment, surrounded by the beauty of the forest and the sweet fragrance of the flowers.


The Wolf and the Flower Field

Raffi and Rena were out for a stroll when they stumbled upon a magnificent gray wolf with piercing eyes and a serpent’s tail. The wolf introduced himself as the legendary hero, who had made fame to all the kingdoms of the beasts for his bravery.

Raffi and Rena were in awe of the wolf and asked to hear his stories of adventure and heroism. The wolf obliged, sharing his tales of rescuing animals in danger and defeating powerful monsters. The rabbit and the vixen were amazed by his accounts of courage and quick thinking.

As they continued their walk, they came across a group of animals gathered around a pond, whispering amongst themselves. Raffi and Rena approached them, curious as to what they were discussing.

“A fox and a rabbit as mates is unnatural! An abomination in the sight of the Great Mother, our goddess. It is not true love and it shall not last. I say this is another trick, and they are plotting mischief and deviancy!”

Raffi and Rena were hurt by the animals' words, but the wolf hero stepped forward, his voice booming with authority.

“I am he of many years and many travels, and the world is bigger than what your small eyes have seen in your short lives. Why are these two souls of disparate flesh being denied their rightful union? Is the Love that the Great Mother has gifted us made of conditions? Are your lives so rich that you must detain others?”

The animals were taken aback by the hero’s words and began to see the error in their ways. The wolf then led the group to a nearby field of flowers and asked them to close their eyes and take in the sweet fragrance of the blooms.

As the animals breathed in the scent of the flowers, the hero revealed a secret he had been keeping from them. He was a wizard, and he had blessed the field of flowers with magical properties. To draw out the best in everyone and inspire feelings of love and acceptance.

The animals were amazed, and as they opened their eyes, they were filled with a sense of peace and joy. They looked at Raffi and Rena, seeing them in a new light, as two creatures who loved and respected each other, despite their differences.

The wolf hero smiled, knowing that he had helped these animals see the world in a different way. He thanked Raffi and Rena for their courage and for sharing their love with the world. And from that day, the field of flowers became a symbol of acceptance and love, and all the animals of the forest learned to appreciate the beauty of friendships.

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