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Ref: Profile #1947 Case #737




Species: pine marten, aberrant
Status: alive

Kaelan was born and raised in the bustling heart of Eirden. His formative years were marked by the simplicity and contentment of urban living. Growing up in a tight-knit community where familiarity bred a sense of belonging, Kaelan's childhood was adorned with the everyday tediums of city life. The ebb and flow of busy neighbours became a rhythm; their comings and goings formed the backdrop of his upbringing, creating a tapestry of connections that felt like an extended family.

Kaelan transitioned into adulthood and inherited a plot of farmland, the final vestige of his heritage from his last living relatives. However, the familiar land he had hoped to till and nurture was under the iron grip of the Aurinar bank, entangled in an insurmountable web of debt that had been piled upon his kin for generations.

In a desperate bid to save his family’s legacy free from the suffocating chains of destitution, Kaelan sought assistance wherever he could find it. In doing so, he unwittingly entered the sphere of Eirden' affluent elite: the foxes. Within this world of opulence and intricate power dynamics, Kaelan found himself relegated to the role of a humble pawnbroker, struggling to navigate the treacherous terrain of his newfound reality.

It was through these intricacies that Kaelan's path serendipitously crossed with that of Brush Strike, a fox who—much like him—had been dealt a cruel hand by fate. fate.

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