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Irik Fuchs

Ref: Profile #1245 Case #245




Species: red—arctic fox hybrid, aberrant
Status: alive

Born in 1946 AA in Vufall, a village nestled within the Principality of Vulperi, Irik entered the world amidst an intense feud characteristic of the local province. His mother, Savena, sought influence with the village leader, known as a Foxtan, and succeeded in securing his position after years of careful planning. Despite their seemingly tranquil existence, Irik sensed from his earliest years that his mother harbored secrets which veiled him in a gilded cage of protection. However, her efforts proved futile as rumors of an alleged affair with her Foxtan predecessor cast doubts on Irik's paternity. These whispers threatened Savena's standing within the community.

The speculation surrounding Irik's lineage was dispelled when he was confirmed to bear resemblance to Dyrin, her husband. Yet, tranquility was short-lived as a deranged shaman cursed the family, accusing them of violating sacred vulpine laws. This led to a violent assault on the Fuch household, resulting in Irik's orphaning. Raised by the villagers, he carried a profound bitterness stemming from his family's tragic demise, prompting his departure at a tender age of ten.

Striving to find respectable work within vulpine society, Irik embraced the values of honest labor. However, his meager earnings as an errand boy proved insufficient, driving him to explore more perilous avenues such as thievery—a highly risky pursuit within vulpine territory. At the age of twelve, his illicit activities were halted when he was apprehended in the village of Sarsaz by a spectacled bear farmer. Despite evading legal consequences due to insufficient evidence, this encounter deterred him from further acts of theft.

Seeking better prospects, Irik departed for the affluent city of Vandria, where he secured employment as an assistant manager at Ardren's Den, a local tavern owned by the popular Ardren Charz, also called “One-Eyed Ardren”. Under Charz's mentorship, Irik honed his skills, although the veteran was hesitant to impart extensive knowledge, citing his strange impending demise and the corrupting nature of his expertise. After uncovering Charz's true identity as "Ernst Krüger", a disgraced veteran under the scrutiny of the Mydria, Irik was urged to flee by his mentor, who believed his end was imminent. Within a single month, Irik would find Charz seemingly vanished from the city's memory, along with the existence of the tavern where he had worked for almost five years.

Venturing south to Sirissa, Irik became embroiled in a clandestine gang conflict, narrowly escaping death thanks to intervention from rival gang members. Grateful for his rescue, he expanded his criminal activities under their tutelage, garnering infamy among the vulpine authorities. Eventually apprehended alongside his accomplices, Irik faced trial in Reyna's Court of Judgement. It was here that he captured the attention of Maria Müller, offering him a chance to evade imprisonment by joining the Mydria agency in exchange for information on his former gang.

Over the ensuing years, Irik underwent rigorous training, mastering espionage tactics and alchemy under the agency's guidance. Knighted as Sir Eric Foucault at the age of 22 by a barghest named Fang, he was deployed alongside Maria to oversee a critical operation in Lagadha, tasked with manipulating the outcome of a pivotal tournament that would decide the leadership of the city. Despite succeeding in his mission, his actions strained his relationship with the barghest, yet solidified his position as a trusted operative within the Mydria.

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