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 Guy LaPine

Ref: Profile #2616 Case #864

(Guy Incognito)



Species: snowshoe hare
Status: alive

Born in the nation-state of Hispin in 1948 AA, Guy emerged from a humble family of roofers. His journey into the world of the arts began at a young age, influenced by his frequent visits to local establishments, some of which included brothels. Encouraged by the supportive workers around him, Guy wholeheartedly immersed himself in the pursuit of live performances. His repertoire included singing, lute playing, dancing, and the delicate art of lovemaking.

Most of his education was gleaned from his experiences in the capital, particularly during the annual mating festivals known as "Mad Martius." It was these events that honed his alleyway skills such as pickpocketing and swindling unsuspecting males. Guy even engaged in audacious pranks, donning disguises as a doe to tempt and elude pursuers. With females, Guy would attempt to catch does already on the chase. The outcomes of these escapades ranged from uproarious laughter to danger, and at times, passionate encounters. 

As years passed, Guy became more daring and his notoriety as a troublemaker grew to such an extent that he was eventually found unwelcome in Hispin. At the age of 19, Guy bid fond farewell to his family and embarked outward on a journey across the Vanward States. He sustained himself by showcasing his talents in local taverns, theaters, and circuses, but always he would yearn for the entertaining exploits of his past.

By the age of 21, Guy orchestrated his most audacious scheme yet. He assumed the role of a high-ranking courtesan and seduced a visiting Carnaronian lion-knight in Thebia. This bold act sent shockwaves through the city's leading bordellos, prompting a call for Guy's capture through seedy underground services.


Fleeing the clutches of his pursuers, Guy found refuge in the employ of Eirden's foxes, who hired him as a secret spy for their high-paying clientele. Despite the veil of secrecy that now shrouded his activities, Guy couldn't resist injecting his adventures with his trademark tricks and amorous escapades.


Portait of GuyLaPine
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