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Felrum Winterum

Ref: Profile #5648 Case #739

(Solaris Stane)



Species: White Common Rabbit
Status: alive

Born in the summer of 1941 AA, amidst the humble and tranquil landscapes of the Hisravon Commonwealth, Felrum Winterum emerged as the fifth child of simple rabbit farmers. Their livelihood, tied to the cultivation of lettuce, seemed to be his predetermined path. Yet, from the outset, Felrum displayed an exceptional aptitude that set him apart from his lineage.


Throughout his formative years, he distinguished himself academically, much to the delight of his townsfolk at Feef. The town’s patriarch recognized the potential residing within the young rabbit and advised his parents to broaden their horizons. The Winterum family rallied behind Felrum, ensuring that he had the resources and opportunities to unlock his full potential.


By the age of 16, Felrum's academic prowess had matured to such an extent that he secured a spot at the prestigious University of Hotenna in Capricorn, the very heart of the goat capital, Caprina. As one of the few rabbit scholars in attendance, Felrum's journey was met with challenges, exacerbated by cultural differences and accommodations ill-suited for his size. Over the years, he increasingly found solace and purpose in creative expression.


Realizing his true calling lay in the realm of artistry, Felrum shifted his focus to painting. However, he found the university environment to be too confining and embarked on a journey to Nivener, a town renowned for its artists within the kingdom of Cerva, two years later. Felrum became lost while passing through the Derinath Forest, where he encounters a band of Rehir stag rangers, who welcomed him into their midst.


They eventually led him to Nivener, a town poised on the precipice of turmoil. The long-standing land dispute between the Earl of Assix and Soster had escalated into a petty war, casting a shadow over the region of Ulcynn. In the midst of this conflict, Felrum bore witness to an attack by the Sosters on Nivener, led by a mercenary squad of predators. It was here that he encountered a barghest for the first time. Pursued and fearing for his life, Felrum sought refuge in the forest, where he was later rescued by the Rehirs.


Over the ensuing years, Felrum's bond with the rangers deepened until he became a full-fledged member at the age of 24. He undertook various assignments with the town's guilds throughout Sambar, earning a reputation as a highly skilled spy and stealth specialist. His abilities brought forth lucrative contracts that beckoned him to distant lands far from his humble beginnings.


One of these contracts would lead Felrum to a fateful encounter with one who he believed to be the Woemaker, an event that has left an indelible mark upon him.


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