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Embron Caniston

Ref: Profile #5226 Case #428

(HawkTooth, hcarlton)



Species: coyote—silver fox hybrid, aberrant
Status: deceased in 1653 AA

Born in 1513 AA (coincides with the beginning of the Great Scourge) to a military vixen, and a highly acclaimed tradesmammal and combat instructor coyote. 


Embron occupied himself with herbology, biology, mild magic—all things natural and supernatural. He compiled books on his findings, and cultivated strange, toxic plants for a multitude of purposes. By the time of his death, he had researched and discovered an impressive deal in many fields.

He spent his life in and around Arsarak—an island in the Gorgrin Sea across from Marduk—for the warm climate, away from the world to keep it safe from their magic. These lands had been bought and established thanks to the connections his parents had built and passed down. It was through those connections, Embron’s own apothecary sales, and book writings that the territory was maintained.


His sister, Scarlet, held her composure better and was far more sociable. Amongst other things, she helped to disseminate the knowledge that they had obtained to places of institution. 

As former director Archibald Luvolpus noted, Embron was an analytic scientist at heart, but with strong convictions regarding his knowledge and beliefs. He would freely—if sarcastically—talk on numerous topics, but was ill-tempered when provoked by sceptics or implored to discuss things he found trivial. Effects of being a mage can make such negative reactions worse, hence, he typically kept to his studies, living in his cultivated gardens.

The siblings were extreme in their trust and reliance on each other, the former director had often remarked; these traits were borne of years of testing magic together. They strove to understand and control their abilities, although they came to bear the scars of their escapades in doing so. When speaking with either of them, one would get the impression that they have truly dug through the secrets of both society and nature, or that they’re one bolt from falling apart.

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