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Chauvet Argen

Ref: Profile #6901 Case #443




Species: spotted hyena, aberrant
Status: deceased in 1945 AA

Born in the year 1839 AA to the Attaca, a tribe of Laughland Gnawers residing along the Gauntcene coast 400 miles south of Rannor, during the tumultuous era of the Second Scourge. Chauvet’s stoic father, Durga, stood as an accomplished warrior who had proven his mettle, earning the right to mate with his very own commander, Ezara. Although aspirations of expanding their family lingered, the plans of Chauvet's parents were cast into disarray by the onset of the Dark Purge—a harrowing period compelling the myriad hyena tribes to eradicate the emergent monsters within their territories.

To ensure Chauvet's safety, his parents made the decision to entrust him to the guardianship of a black lion colonel named Korvu Ascar. This lion held his post in a fort belonging to the League of Jaws—a bastion named Bararca. Here, removed from the predominant influence of his fellow hyenas, Chauvet's higher education commenced, leading him to develop an outsider's perspective concerning his own kin. 


At the age of nine, his parents emerged victorious from their extended campaign. Circumstances dictated that Chauvet's mother was forbidden to reclaim him, leaving this task solely to his father's shoulders. It was thus his father who was tasked with both reuniting with their son and instilling within him the principal ways of the Gnaw. However, this endeavour, while successful in many respects, infused a bitterness into Chauvet and amplified his resentment towards his fellow hyenas.


Nevertheless, Chauvet's exceptional abilities shone through, and he exhibited remarkable promise in the role of an "earth-weaver," a profession akin to that of an architect or engineer. Five years later, he made the pivotal decision to embark upon a new path in Bararca, forsaking his tribal upbringing, dedicating himself to the pursuit of alchemy. This choice, although personally meaningful, severed his ties with his parents, resulting in an estrangement that persisted.

Upon reaching the age of seventeen, Chauvet was beckoned to the "King's Market," an undignified ceremony where fifteen prospective candidates were required to stand unclothed, subject to the scrutiny of the recently appointed Matriarch of Attaca. Despite having attained a standing higher than any other male in his tribe, this incident merely deepened Chauvet's disillusionment with his people.


So profound was his disillusionment that he refused the Matriarch's offer once he was ultimately chosen. Fearing the prospect of being relegated to a life akin to livestock or a mere plaything under a self-indulgent ruler, Chauvet sought solace in the counsel of Ascar, who secured him passage on a ship destined for the northern ports of Kendri.


After months at sea, Chauvet arrived upon the shores of the Anvil Peninsula, pressing further northward in his quest for admission into the Circle. This esteemed nation represented a chance for him to distance himself as far as possible from his homeland. Through unyielding dedication, Chauvet succeeded in gaining entry after triumphing over the baseline test and leaving a lasting impression on the migration office.

Chauvet established his new life within the city of Laghada two years after he left the Laughlands, where he aspired to commence anew within the haven that the Cradle deemed a refuge from the tumult of the wider world.

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