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Brush Strike

Ref: Profile #1903 Case #737

(Vulpes Corsac, Here2Express)



Species: corsac fox
Status: alive

Born into the folds of an aristocratic house, Brush embarked on the path of education, where he effortlessly excelled in all his endeavours. His laureate, earned at a remarkably young age, granted him the esteemed title of dignitary when he was only twenty years of age—a remarkable achievement that filled his family with immense pride. As a dignitary, Brush found himself thrust into diplomatic missions alongside wolves, a species with whom his own kind, the foxes, held a longstanding enmity. Surprisingly, his unassuming and modest demeanour garnered trust, paving the way for significant diplomatic triumphs.

Approximately a year after the glorious conquest of Karanor, Brush's journey led him to Kharnum under the retinue of Lieren Astrasa. Here, his charge encompassed the oversight of legions and the external tribes nestled within the Red Lowlands. Yet, his primary mission remained shrouded in intrigue: to construct the most comprehensive profile of Lieren herself, with an added incentive to uncover secrets. This clandestine agenda fueled his curiosity and drove him to probe into every aspect of her life.


This relentless pursuit culminated in a passionate liaison with the Woemaker, a liaison that underscored Brush's naked ambition, a desire to seize power and take what he desired, unburdened by moral constraints. This affair, however, revealed a facet of himself that he had never before confronted. Unexpectedly, he was outmanoeuvred when he unwittingly delivered Lieren's enigmatic replacement report in lieu of his own. Contrary to his expectations, the Fürstin was deeply impressed by the report, prompting an immediate promotion to the prestigious role of head emissary—a promotion that left Brush uneasy.

Obsessed with the fate of the Woemaker, he wielded his influence recklessly, attempting to establish contact while neglecting his duties. One intercepted "love letter" exposed their relationship, casting a shadow of disgrace upon him. Although he evaded official reprimand, the court's view of him grew increasingly unfavourable. He was reassigned from his mission and partnered with a fox dignitary who constantly mocked him, emphasising the squandered opportunity Brush had let slip through his fingers.


During a critical negotiation with the stags in Sithis, Brush's frustrations boiled over, leading to a public altercation with his partner that compelled the Fürstin herself to issue an apology. This incident was a significant and highly embarrassing blunder. Privately demoted, he retained his title of head emissary, but was stripped of all meaningful authority.

Even his own family began distancing themselves from him. Seeking solace and stability, Brush sought companionship and contemplated settling down, but his attempts were fraught with failure. His reckless spending on female leopards, candidates to assume Lieren's role, proved fruitless. He even pursued a marriage with one who held a semblance of respectability, albeit unsuccessfully. Another misstep followed when he sought to align himself with a sister bank owner in Eirden's influential financial world.

The Eirden banks, however, were firmly controlled by foxes who ruthlessly exploited their power, even at the expense of the destitute. Driven by sympathy, Brush endeavoured to anonymously compensate the impoverished using the banks' own funds. Predictably, he was caught, and the Fürstin received another damning report.


Brush now teetered on the precipice, officially on the thinnest of ice. A single misstep could result in the severe penalty of exile, a dire fate for a fox of his stature within the Principality.

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