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Barnabas Luvolpus Vangria

Ref: Profile #0 Case #0

(Barnabas, LordBarnabas)


Species: maned wolf, aberrant
Status: al


I shall have to disappoint you, reader; there is much information about me that I am either unable or unwilling to divulge. You will learn little of my history and person, but if it satisfies you, imagine what you will of my kithood and formative years. With this disclaimer and my reticence clearly stated, you can rest assured that what scraps follow are entirely true.

As I'm sure you have noticed, I am the director of The Bureau, the organisation that compiled this very document. Amongst its numerous functions is intelligence gathering, and it is primarily in that capacity that I offer its service to Queen Marsenn. There are intricacies I care not to explain, but understand that the ruler of Tormurghast greatly values my council.

Since the year 556 AA, the name “Luvolpus” has carried the title and land of a count. Said county and my home within lie some seven miles east of Tormurghast’s city centre. Visitors will find it suitably accommodating to travellers, as the borders of Vangria County intersect with the Sovereign Highway.

Many who have peeked beneath my near-everpresent cordiality call me arrogant, distant, and unrelatable; I shan’t attempt to contest these judgements of me. I am wealthy and have a paw on innumerable strings, so despite my best efforts—humility is often a foreign concept to me. Compounding this, there are few things I have not seen. I shall spare you the examples, but suffice it to say that my mind would be haunted daily if I did not significantly dissociate from my emotional sensibilities, and—consequently—from others.

However, those regrettably few who can truly claim to be my friends will attest that I treat mine well. So too, do I adore my two adopted children: Elizoria and Reyn. They are my greatest joy in what is a life more fraught with peril and despair than is outwardly apparent.

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