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Anuki Simnin

Ref: Profile #1781 Case #841

(Little Voracious)



Species: snow leopard, aberrant(?)
Status: alive

Born in the winter of 1945 AA in New Rushaya to parents of diverse lioness and snow leopard heritage, Anuki's early life was marked by the distinctive backgrounds of her mother and father. Her mother, a prominent spokesmammal within the League of Jaws, was renowned for her steadfast opposition to the League's territorial expansion, even as she represented a minority voice. This unwavering commitment became a defining trait of the lioness, one that she held close to her heart.


On the other paw, Anuki's father, a Jarku language teacher, devoted his efforts to educating students both within the Anvil Peninsula along the shores of the Gulf of Nahr. His commitment to cultural preservation through language education provided a unique contrast to his wife's political endeavors.

Anuki's life took an extraordinary turn when, at a young age, her latent magical abilities were discovered. In Carnaron, where magic was considered an honed skill, this discovery earned her the privilege of tutelage in the Circle, aimed at shaping her into a future shaman and, potentially, a powerful asset to the League's military forces. 


At the age of 12, Anuki journeyed to Terregor, where she was rumored to share a class with Lieren Astrasa. As one of the select few mages who received direct scrutiny from the world's preeminent academics, she found herself firmly in the spotlight of their investigations. Notably, her distinctive absence of many typical aberrant traits became a subject of particular intrigue and focus. However, Anuki struggled to control her magical talents, as they came with debilitating consequences upon each use. Nonetheless, she was determined not to forsake her unique abilities. 

Before the League's senior shamans could label her a lost cause, someone came to her rescue. Trusting in her father's connections in the cities along the occident, they found masters and trainees across the frontier who might assist her. Anuki agreed to this solution at the cost of old friends.

In Xiran, the leopard encountered two proficient martial trainees, a female tengu and a male komodo, although their lack of magical capabilities meant they couldn't directly help Anuki. Instead, they suggested various techniques to assist her in controlling her magic more effectively. Faced with limited options, the young snow leopard engaged in this rigorous training.

The komodo taught her meditation, while the tengu became her instructor. For years, Anuki grappled with countless trials and errors as she endeavored to self-learn the intricate combination of her three distinct talents.


Eventually, through dedication and resilience, she found a harmonious balance. Meditation enabled her to regulate her magic flow, while her skills allowed her to channel it outward without causing severe harm to herself.

By the age of 23, Anuki received a mysterious request from a high-ranking League officer, urging her to return to Carnaron and join the League army as a shaman. However, Anuki declined the offer and chose to remain in Zweiqin.

Now at 25, the leopard has taken on the role of a ranger and occasionally functions as a martial arts trainer in Xiran. She maintains sporadic contact with her family back in New Rushaya, though rumors circulate that certain influential figures within the League view her disinterest in their activities as betrayal and see her unique abilities as a potential threat if aligned with other factions. 

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