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Anuki Simnin

Ref: Profile #1781 Case #841

(Little Voracious)



Species: snow leopard, aberrant(?)
Status: alive

Born in Uryon, Bjornheim, to aristocratic parents of leonine and snow leopard heritage, Anuki's early life was shaped by her mother and father's distinctive backgrounds. Her family later relocated to New Rushaya for career reasons.

Her mother, Khamira Simnin, a notable figure in the League of Jaws, was celebrated for her strong stance against the League’s expansionist policies, despite being in the minority. This commitment became a hallmark of the lioness.

Conversely, Anuki’s father, Elhrun Simnin, a Jarku language instructor, focused on teaching students in the Anvil Peninsula, emphasizing cultural preservation through language education, contrasting his wife's political activities.

Anuki's life changed when her latent magical abilities surfaced. This discovery led her to the Circle, a place that would allow her to stretch beyond the restrictions of the shamanic doctrines, and therefore turning her into an asset for the League. Despite leaving her mother, her father's presence on the peninsula provided parental support.

In Terregor, Anuki's education, rumored to have been alongside Lieren Astrasa, attracted the scrutiny of leading scholars. Her lack of typical aberrant traits was particularly intriguing. However, Anuki found controlling her magic challenging, often with adverse effects, yet she remained determined.

Before being deemed a lost cause by the senior professors of Linrathrous, Anuki's father utilized his connections to find mentors across the Occidental frontier. Anuki reluctantly accepted this and left behind old friends.

In Xiran, Anuki met two martial arts trainees, a female tengu and a male komodo, who, despite lacking magical abilities, offered techniques to help her control her powers. Anuki embraced this guidance.

The komodo taught her meditation, and the tengu became her trainer. Over time, Anuki learned to balance her abilties, using meditation to regulate her magic and honing her skills to use it safely. As best as it could be afforded under limited knowledge.

A high-ranking officer of the Inquisition once requested Anuki return to Carnaron as a shaman, but she declined, preferring to stay in Zweiqin. She now serves as a ranger and martial arts instructor in Xiran, keeping infrequent contact with her family in New Rushaya. The true extent of Anuki's powers remains largely unobserved, leading to rumors among League figures about her potential threat and others' curiosity about her true nature.

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